My Defense

By Monica A. Vowless (*-1935)


"IF a man can convince me and bring home to me that I do not think or act right, gladly will I change, for I search after truth, by which no man yet was harmed. But he is harmed who abideth in his deceptions and ignorance."


Because of the false and despicable reports being circulated by members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, concerning my own and my husband's resignations from their denomination, I feel it my duty to broadcast a printed account of the facts, and some of the experiences of my own life prior to this vital decision.

With my mother and sister, I joined the Seventh Day Adventist Church in 1914 and was a faithful member of that body until 1932, but, in the later years, though faithful, I suffered much disappointment and was greatly dissatisfied over many allegations made against the church and its doctrines.

In the year 1924, I joined the Avondale Missionary College in Australia as a student leaving there to further my education in the United States of America, attending the Pacific Union College in I927-28, College of Medical Evangelists 1929, and Walla Walla College 1930.

My first awakening to the position of the Seventh Day Adventist church was during my stay in Sydney before leaving for America. There, I heard a Mr. -------, who had left the S.D.A. church, conversing with my mother over certain facts generally suppressed and points of the teachings that were in error.

These arguments struck me very forcibly, especially, as I could see that mother's defense in answer was very weak and deficient in comparison. There and then, my interest was very much aroused, so much so, that I noted down several questions which I proposed getting fully answered by the pastors I would meet in America. For at this time in my life, I had every confidence in the ones I had met and I was sure they must have some decided defense against such charges.

Upon my arrival, and before I went to the head officials regarding these questions, there came to my notice many statements made against Mrs. E. G. White which, to my trusting nature, seemed incredible and scandalous. At this time also, I heard of another earnest seeker after truth who went over to America to the General Conference, especially to interview the heads of the denomination on these very same subjects. An ex-member told him he would not gain anything for they would refuse to listen to him. Nevertheless, nothing daunted, he went. However, the only satisfaction he received for his pains was a curt rebuff to hearken unto the judgment and to the interpretations of Scripture as set forth by the General Conference, and to take heed also to what they taught concerning Mrs. E. G. White.

I was astounded to hear that they did not put up any defense of any sort and I was determined to ask for myself at the first opportunity. I was sure that their manner would betray them if nothing else would.

Soon after this, I had the opportunity of visiting St. Helena and going to the vault to see all the various manuscripts and books of Mrs. E. G. White. Now, thought I, is my opportunity. I should ask Mrs. White's son himself. To open the way, I asked him about the Great Controversy, written by Mrs. E. G. White.

Was it true that from one edition to another of such books as the Great Controversy there were great changes made, both in thought and expression, while there were whole pages and paragraphs left out and others put in?

Previous to this, I had read the Great Controversy and was very much taken up with the book, having given it as a present to the principal of my High School. I remembered reading in the introduction by Mrs. White, and in the preface by the S.D.A. publishers, such statements as the following

THROUGH THE ILLUMINATION OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, the scenes of the long-continued conflict between good and evil have been opened to the writer of these pages. From time to time I have been permitted to behold the working in different ages, of the great controversy between Christ and Satan.

AS THE SPIRIT OF GOD HAS OPENED TO MY MIND the great truths of His Word, and the scenes of the past and the future, I have been bidden to make known to others that which has thus been revealed -- to trace the history of the controversy in past ages.

The Preface of the 1888 edition reads thus:


We believe that no one who knows what it is to hold communion with our Heavenly Father, will fail to realize that the WRITER OF THESE PAGES HAS DRAWN FROM THE HEAVENLY FOUNTAIN AND RECEIVED HELP FROM THE SANCTUARY.

To my questions on this, he admitted that a few minor details had been altered such as rather obscure expressions of thought, quotation marks added, and perhaps, further words of explanation had been added here and there. The change was greatest, he said, in the illustrations, which, of course were used to make the book attractive and were not of any divine origin. In general, these changes were very trifling.

As I had never compared the different editions and had not the time then to go deeper into the subject, I took his word to be correct on the Great Controversy, although his manner in answering other questions on the doctrines were not very reassuring and caused further doubts in my mind.

I may add at this juncture, that my husband has been giving much time to the comparing of three copies of the Great Controversy and we find the changes to be amazing. If through the "ILLUMINATION OF THE HOLY SPIRT, the scenes of the long-continued conflict between good and evil have been opened to the writer," then, why does she have to resort to expressing these scenes in the words of other authors, quoting whole pages without reference or "quotes"? Why in the latest editions, whole pages together, and paragraphs here and there are added, and others left out?

I have just opened the 1888 edition at random and it is page 475. This is how that page has been altered : the first word is "foundations." Between this word and the next is an addition of 40 lines. Following this, we have 2 lines of the original; the next 14 lines of the 1888 edition changed and 32 lines put in their place. Then we have 5 lines of the original completely omitted, followed by another 3 lines of the original, when there is an addition of 9 new lines. Then 2 more lines of the original, followed by an addition of another 5 new lines, 7 lines of the original, followed by another addition of 15 new lines.

Again, I open at random to page 316. The first 2 lines of the original are the same, when 4 lines are altered with 11 lines put in their place. Then 2 more lines of the original followed by an addition of 8 lines; 6 more lines of the original, followed by another addition of 34 lines; 4 more lines of original, and another 6 added; 3 more lines of original, then 8 lines changed; 3 lines of original, then 9 lines completely omitted.

Once more, on opening to page 268 I find 7 lines of original, and 14 lines completed obliterated. Here I shall quote these to give a sample of the lines they omit:

After the passing of the time of expectation in 1844, Adventists still believed the Savior's coming to be very near; they held that they had reached an important crisis, and that the work of Christ as man's intercessor before God, had ceased. Having given the warning of the Judgment near, they felt that their work for the world was done, and they lost their burden of soul for the salvation of sinners, while the bold and blasphemous scoffing of the ungodly seemed to them another evidence that the Spirit of God had been withdrawn from the rejecters of His mercy. All this confirmed them in the belief that probation had ended, or as they then expressed it -- "The door of mercy was shut."

Since my husband has used other writings of Mrs. E. G. White's to expose this teaching of probation being closed in 1844, I have heard it said in defense of Mrs. White by some of the pastors that, Adventists applied to the First Day Adventists. But we made sure on this point and found out that it did not apply to the FDA's but very much to the contrary for the FDA's opposed the SDA's for teaching that probation closed in 1844.

What is more, what would be the need of omitting this statement from Mrs. E. G. White's writings if it did not apply to the SDA's? And again, why omit it at all if it was written through the illumination of the Holy Spirit?

This is the same book from which in the preface I read such statements as these:

We believe that the writer has received the illumination of the Holy Spirit in preparing these pages.

We believe that no one who knows what it is to hold communion with our Heavenly Father, will fail to realize that the writer of these pages has drawn from the heavenly fountain, and received help from the Sanctuary.

Did the Conference of the Seventh Day Adventists speak the truth from their hearts when they wrote such a preface as this -- when they deliberately turn around and change this book entirely?

In fact, my husband finds that 1,627 lines have been completely omitted (and these lines given by the Holy Spirit! Then, what right has the Conference of SDA to alter the words of the Holy Spirit?). 1,774 lines completely changed (completely changed meaning, not just the mere changing of the wording to convey a plainer meaning; the book is full of such changes but these have been overlooked); and 8,520 lines of absolutely new writing.

This might be excusable if the author was an ordinary personage who wished to improve his or her book as time went on. But the claims for this author are so divinely prerogative, the church designating her the "Spirit of Prophecy " in the church of the last days, "the mouthpiece God would use for this period," then, what need, or what right, have inferior men to tamper with such writings and even changing interpretations and whole meanings?

These things being so, how much reliance then, can I, or anyone else, put upon an answer from W. C. White or any other Conference Official?

I had occasion also, to ask similar questions on Mrs. White and the doctrines of such men as L. E. Froom, T. G. Bunch, F. M. Berg and other Bible teachers in the schools. At the time, I wondered why L. E. Froom looked so sheepish and embarrassed at my questions. Now, I learn that just previous to this he was faced with a challenge on these very subjects and was not ignorant of the charges. I was very much disappointed in this man, as I had looked upon him as the most spiritual of any pastor I had met there, up to that time. I had thought that he would try to dispel the doubts, which I told him were wrecking my faith in my religion, by praying with me over the matter, and asking God to help me overcome this struggle. That was what I felt I needed, and, as the spiritual advisor of the school at that time, I felt it was his duty to do it ; but when he found out what my doubts were, he ignored me as we are being ignored now.

And on the face of these things, Pastor Sharp said recently that I should have been satisfied with what the pastors told me in America!

All these things and many more I could relate, caused me to seek for further information, and in so doing, I found large rewards were offered up by other denominations, challenging SDA's to come upon the platform and defend their doctrines in public. Among the doctrines listed were the 2,300 days, the Sanctuary, the Investigative Judgment, and Mrs. White.

As these incredible facts astounded me so, and I was beginning to see there was little use in asking the pastors anything about them, I felt, for the time being, that I could not go further into it then, especially as my time was so taken up in studying on the medical course which I had finally decided upon. I decided to suspend my judgment on the whole thing, until I had time to observe and to prove for myself these charges against the teachings of the church; until I could find someone who would study them with me without prejudice and narrow-mindedness.

As time went on, I noticed that the American pastors never preached on the Sanctuary, the 2,300 days, and other prophecies involved; they lacked earnestness and enthusiasm, and many did not like disclosing their identity at Ingathering time.

I noticed, also, in my Bible Class at Loma Linda, C.M.E., that several points of prophecy that I had learned from the so called "Spirit of Prophecy" were now being interpreted differently.

For instance, on page 267 of Great Controversy it reads: "The Two Witnesses represent the Old and New Testament." Now, on being taught that they were Christ and the Holy Spirit, I raised the question in class that I had understood that they were the Old and New Testaments, whereupon the teacher replied that there were many points of prophecy that the denominational leaders and Bible students were revising, and at the present time, many were divided in their opinions on many interpretations, the Two Witnesses being interpreted several ways.

Why so, if the "Spirit of Prophecy" distinctly said they were the Old and New Testaments?

Again, I was taught previously, that "the remnant" was the SDA church. But now, the teacher declared that these were a people called out of all churches before the end, the SDA included, as he said that it was as much a harlot of Rome as any other church.

Therefore, I concluded that those who have the courage to leave the SDA church are not the only ones who prefer their own convictions to those of the General Conference, even if Mrs. White did say "It was God's highest authority upon earth." The only difference is that some have not strength to step out, and thus save themselves from the abuse and criticism that those suffer who do stand by their convictions by severing their connection.

When I mentioned these facts to one of the worthy pastors in N.Z., he asked why these men in USA were not brought to task upon their beliefs. But seeing these changes in doctrine are the beliefs of the "leading lights" of the denomination, who shall bring them to task?

This just shows how the pastors in Australia are behind in the true facts concerning their doctrines.

Even Pastor Sharp cannot understand why the pastors in America do not get up and debate those who oppose the SDA's on their teaching. Evidently the trouble is that Pastor Sharp does not know of the true facts. Now that he himself, has come up against opposition by a tract written by my husband, dealing with Mrs. White whom he (Pastor Sharp) upholds as a prophetess and the 2,300 days. I have heard it said that he is endeavoring to get information together to write a tract to overthrow my husband's. It is an easy matter to write a tract to criticize another, but to produce full information to overthrow these facts is a different matter.

If the General Conference officials cannot overthrow the facts brought against their teachings on the 2,300 days when it has been brought up against them so strongly in USA, I cannot see where a pastor in obscurity in New Zealand can produce the information that the General Conference has been looking for all these years.

I kept my eyes well open when in America, and saw for myself that the "leading lights" there refused to debate the facts on the 2,300 days, and Mrs. White: even though a £500 reward was offered. And now I ask, why have they dropped preaching this doctrine in U.S.A.? My latest correspondence from Washington, D.C., reveals the fact that they are cutting this out of the teaching altogether.

When attending the colleges there in America, I was also very disappointed in the students. At Avondale, there was no future for the students but the mission fields, and although only a small percentage could go there, all went to school with that aim in view.

With such an ambition, these students were far more earnest and enthusiastic than the ones I then found myself amongst in U.S.A. There was a great lack of spirituality and a marked criticizing antagonism between the students and faculty.

I had always heard the pastors at home tell of the 40,000 young people they had in training in the schools. Now, I had the oppor- tunity to see what constituted these 40,000. Instead of being there for a training for the mission field, as I had been led to believe, many were there because they were sent by their parents to be educated -- not from any desire of their own; others went with the hope of a good position in their organized work; while, others again, found it convenient to go there in order to work their way through to gain a training for a position in the world.

Only a very few go out to the mission fields, and many that do are unsatisfactory. One girl friend, whose father was in charge of a large mission field, told me what a difficult task he had in settling disputes and bad feelings among the mission workers, and that some of the wives did nothing all day but read novels. In some cases it was clearly seen that a cheap trip to the Orient was the aim in view.

Those students taking the ministerial course were not among the "intelligentsia" of the school. Among them were those who had no special liking or talent for the intricate sciences, mechanics, or languages. Hence, the Ministerial Course was the only one open to them.

Several students scoffed at me when I happened to mention my belief in Mrs. White's writings. They laughed me to scorn for believing such rubbish as they termed it.

Some of the young men asked me who I had a "pull" with, to get a job after graduation; for, they declared, unless you were so-and-so's son, or daughter, or a friend of the family of some important head you had no chance at all. I was relying on Mrs. White's counsel "Your Saviour will guide you into a position best suited to your talents" and I thought they all did likewise, but much to my surprise I found this not to be so.

Here are a couple of examples : A pastor's son who was supposed to be out helping with a church service one Sabbath, went to the movies instead. An ordinary student would have been expelled on the spot, and his chances for a job nil, for some years. But, because he was a pastor's son, he was soon at the head of a mission, writing for the Signs of the Times, and is now one of the worthy pastors himself. Another pastor in New Zealand said that if his son was not given a position, then he would give up the work himself.

These are trivial incidents, no doubt, but they are the world over, and I have just mentioned them to show how my respect and admiration for an organization I had had held up to me as the best example to follow, was gradually being weakened. Many times I have heard it said and have been told: "Don't look at the people and what they do, but keep your eyes on the Message." Yes, and if these people really believed their Message they would certainly have more confidence in getting a position without "wire-pulling;" and would bring forth different fruit. But, many of them have found that it has a sandy foundation and cannot stand the storms of opposition. In consequence, they have grown careless and indifferent.

And why not apply this same advice in regard to my husband and myself at the present time We left on the doctrinal points of the Message, yet, instead of calling attention to the soundness of their own interpretation of the subjects in question, they criticize and scandalize our characters to the people. It would be more excusable, if the things they said were true. How could I, or anyone else, believe they had the "TRUTH" if they don't even speak the truth of others?

After four years of being connected with their institutions in America, I longed to get back to Australia, where I was sure the people and pastors were less perverted, more earnest, sincere, and spiritual.

Accordingly, in the year 1931, I accepted a position as a teacher on the faculty of the Australasian Missionary College. Here, I thought, I would be working with an earnest band of workers whose sole aim was for the furtherance of the Cause of God with no thought of selfish ambitions. But, to my disgust, I found that this idea of "wire-pulling,"as the Americans call it, was not only practiced by students, but that conference workers could also look out for "number one," even without consideration of others.

With a faculty divided against itself, how could they expect to have a harmonious, united, spiritual student body? It was not my desire to have a place in "the work" if the giving of my position was based on malicious animosity.

As for the pastors, I have found them much the same as their USA brethren : when they discover that you know something of their errors and deceptions, they act shifty, and will not give a direct answer on these questionable doctrines.

Much disgusted and disappointed, I came home at the end of that year with a longing desire to be free from all institutions, all professed organizations of religion. How I longed and prayed for the Lord to send someone along who was a genuine follower of His, to help me spiritually and study with me, the doctrines of the church that I had questioned. I had not been home long when I met a young man that had just returned from the mission field, who was an undenominational Sabbath-keeper, earnest, sincere, an intelligent thinker, open to unprejudiced discussion, and ready to study and accept new light if in harmony with scripture.

Unlike myself, he was a great student of prophecy and I could see that he was just the man I was looking for to study the doctrines I had in question.

As he had studied SDA books for a number of years, he knew their doctrines as well as any worker in the Work. In fact, some pastors told him that he knew their doctrines as well as any pastor among them. The second week he was home in New Plymouth, he was asked by the SDA's if he would take the church service for them -- which he did. He was soon asked to take another, and so on. Everyone had confidence in him, even the District Pastor and Conference President also. Later he joined the church and he was asked to take the services regularly. This truly shows what confidence they had in his ability, spirituality, and knowledge of the doctrines.

It was during this time also that we were married. I told him of the facts that I had come up against in the United States and he agreed to study out the truth of it all, by comparing other writers' comments on Daniel 8-9 with the Bible, reconsidering the teaching of the church with the Bible, weighing the evidence and correctness on both sides. He visited several libraries for the purpose of studying commentaries, histories, and the oldest translations of the Bible, obtaining for himself such standard works as Josephus' History of the Jewish Wars, The Septuagint Version, the original Hebrew and Greek (with English alterations inserted) and other authentic works. When he was thoroughly convinced that the SDA teaching was at fault the only honorable thing to do was to resign.

He said I could please myself what I did; he would not interfere if I still wished to remain in the church. But, I felt I had no alternative. I could not stay where I knew there was error, and so I resigned also.

After our resignation, I expected the District Pastor to call on us and discuss the question with us. Although we were convinced we were right, still, if we had overlooked any points which would prove the contrary, we were quite willing to be put right, as it is not our desire to believe in error but only to stand by the Bible. Again, I was disappointed in the pastors as they were the same as their American brethren. There was only one who offered to help us in any way, and he was a returned medical missionary. He came around to prove his claims for Mrs. White, and we gave him a hearing for an hour-and-twenty minutes when he suggested that my husband give his objections for not accepting her as a prophetess. Whereupon, my husband took a copy of Mrs. White's Early Writings and began to read a few paragraphs. All went well for some minutes, when the doctor interrupted in an attempt to contradict what was written; but, when my husband reminded him that Mrs. White saw it in vision, he knew he dare not dispute the matter further and so would not listen any more. My husband said he had not given any of his objections yet, but was only reading plain statements of Mrs. White's. However, the Doctor did not want to hear any more, and so ten minutes was all the hearing we have ever received from the Seventh Day Adventists concerning our resignation.

Not even the President, who married us and who has known me since my first connection with the church, has had enough interest in our spiritual welfare to come and "reason together," or even express by correspondence his regret at the step we had taken. But, on the other hand, he can do his full share of warning others against us.

After our resignation, the District Pastor refused to discuss these subjects with us. Pastor Sharp was sent down from Auckland to deal with the situation. He was in the town a whole week, and, as their usual custom is, he went round to put others against us, but never made it his business to seek us out. On the Sabbath he convinced his congregation to vote us off the roll, although he had not seen, or even read our letters of resignation himself, let alone have them with him to read to his congregation. He acted on the unreliable source of hearsay only as to why we left the church, knowing nothing of the facts, and on that basis deliberately cast us out.

Thus we were treated no differently from our former brethren who have left for the same reasons.

On page 76 of The Church, Its Organization, and Discipline, published by the "Review and Herald," I read of the "Five Steps to Apostasy," as follows

  1. Forming a creed, expressing their faith in man-made phrases instead of adhering to the Word of God.
  2. Making that man-made creed a test of fellowship, and denouncing all as heretics who would not assent to the exact wording of their creeds.
  3. Making the creed a rule by which all heretics must be tried. Many were thus declared sinners WHOSE FAITH WAS MORE IN HARMONY WITH THE DIRECT STATEMENTS OF THE BIBLE THAN THAT OF THOSE WHO DECREED AGAINST THEM.
  4. Constituting a tribunal for the trial of the heretics, and excluding from their fellowship all who would not assent to their creeds. Not content to debar such from church privileges in this world, they declared them Subjects for the lake of fire.
  5. Having thus kindled a hatred in their own hearts against all who did not conform to their creeds, they next invoked and obtained the aid of the civil power to torture, and kill with sword, with hunger, with flame, and with beasts of the earth, those whom they had declared unfit to remain in the world.

The whole five applies to the apostate religion of Seventh Day Adventists. As they cannot resort to the civil power in this country, they use their own power of scandal and abuse.

It would be useless for me to attempt to answer all the rumors that are spread abroad against us, but I am sure after a reading of the foregoing experiences no one could still believe that my husband took me out of the church.

Now, they say that my husband is an ignorant man, but he was not too ignorant to preach for them, and he is evidently too well-informed for them to enter into a discussion with him. He is a self-educated man and more well-informed on general topics than any SDA pastor I ever met.

Moses, was forty years unlearning all the "modern" education of the Egyptians before God could educate and use him. Christ himself, was a carpenter, educating Himself, and he chose unlearned fishermen to begin the Christian church. It was the wise, learned Pharisees and professed churchmen of His day who denounced Him as an impostor, saying, "He hath a devil." Yet, He was the Son of the God they professed to worship. And still in our day we find professing churchmen denouncing innocent disciples.

Speaking of William Miller in Great Controversy, page 208, Mrs. White says:

Though he had little of the learning of the schools, he became wise because he connected himself with the source of wisdom. Without passion or excitement he tested all theories and doctrines by the Word of God; and his sound reasoning and intimate knowledge of the Scriptures, enabled him to refute error and expose falsehood.

So they can believe in an uneducated man if it suits them.

Because my husband has enough energy and knowledge to make his own independence, they must again abuse him behind his back to others, putting down his earnings, to what little I have withdrawn from their savings bank. If he were not an independent worker, would he not have accepted the offer of free tuition in their schools? No, he is not the man to sell his conscience for the sake of an easy living.

No doubt, it is much to the advantage of the SDA Conference to have its members place their banking accounts in their conference bank. I have seen and know this by experience. They do not worry about those who have no banking account behind them, but it pays to keep in with those who have (to pay off church debts, etc.) for they know full well how much easier it is to induce offerings, and sums toward worthy students' tuitions, from those who have an account than from those who have not.

With £300 in cash for my school fees while with them, and with offerings and pledges, the giving of a motor-car for one pastor's use, they collected from me over £1,000 leaving me but little left.

All this was given willingly as unto the Lord, and, no mention would have been made of it here, if they had not circulated false reports about my husband. The trouble is I withdrew from them too soon; if I were there a little longer, with their plea of the depression, they might have obtained what little I had left, themselves.

It is strange that the same pastor who cast us out, came down from Auckland to lodge with my mother and sister, coming in between them and myself. I wonder if he were thinking that, in time, I might have opened their eyes to all the falseness of their doctrines, and, in the end, cause them both to withdraw their accounts from the Conference banks also?

They tax and tithe their members to the utmost, and then turn around and boast that their members pay in more to missions than members belonging to any other church. It is common practice to have charts on the wall to entice the last half penny.

Here are a few verses and a chorus of one of their hymns that they have sung in their Sabbath schools,

God hears the dimes and nickels drop, which come from hearts so true,
Because He hears their cheerful ring, He'll hear the dollars too.
Chorus --
The dollars too, the dollars too, He'll hear the dollars too,
Because He hears the nickels, dimes, He'll hear the dollars too.
God knows the ones who love to give, each wears a happy look-
Their names are precious unto Him, they're written in His Book.

Therefore, it is easily seen that the "Golden Calf" still plays a big part in this world. At Harvest Ingathering time during the year, they go around the other churches' members to try and get help for their missions. Yet, their prophetess calls these Protestant churches, "Babylon fallen," "The Doomed Churches;" their ministers, "False Shepherds;" their prayers, "useless prayers;" "Sunday keepers have the 'Mark of the Beast'," and many more such uncharitable names and sayings. All these are endorsed by every SDA, for these names are given by Mrs. E. G. White and every member has to accept her writings as of divine origin -- any member not accepting her writings is cast out.

When they speak of my husband so, I cannot help thinking that they must be measuring him by their own sack when I call to mind many things I know of.

For instance, I shall just state some facts concerning the Hurd case which appeared in all five of the leading Washington newspapers, and the case is still pending in the United States.

Mr. Hurd was a very loyal Adventist, a rich Iowa farmer. In later life he sold his farm and went to sell Adventist literature. In his old age he went to the Iowa Sanitarium for treatment. He disappeared from the Sanitarium without the knowledge of any of the members of his family. It was evident that the SDA's had taken him to Takoma Park. He placed all his money in the hands of the General Conference which is estimated to be up to 80,000 dollars. When the heirs tried to locate him they could get no information whatever from headquarters. Before he died, they had the papers all fixed up so that his entire holdings would go to the denomination. When the heirs finally found out that he had given all of his property over to the denomination, they brought suit against the General Conference to reclaim the money he deposited with them. He left a widow and eight children; and right now the SDA's have their famous standing Catholic attorney, Frank Hogan, who was in their employ from ten years before Mrs. White died, fighting the case for them.

They make the excuse that they did not know at first that Frank Hogan was a Roman Catholic, but, if that were true, then there was an excellent chance for their prophetess to show her colors to advantage and inform them. If she could reveal the secret sins of a brother in the church, why not this?

Seeing they are on such intimate terms with the Catholics no wonder they put the following editorial in one of their papers: --


We have many friends among individual Catholics, and our relations with them in social, business, and professional contacts have been the most harmonious. We believe there is a feeling between us of mutual respect and fair consideration of the other's viewpoints . . . There is much about Catholicism to admire, and we are free to say so . . . Their number, entitle the adherents of the Roman Church to a respectful hearing and more than tolerant consideration . . . The Catholic system of church organization is most orderly and efficient, its educational system of the best, its institutions, its missions, its charities, its prestige, its splendor, its influence-all excite our wonder, even our admiration. We hate bigotry and intolerance and make no tirades against Catholics. We hurl no offensive epithets and use no insulting terms. Watchman, January 1929.

Yes, "And all the world wondered after the beast," and, naturally, so does the daughter. Revelation 17: 5. On the other hand they go and publish in their other tracts and papers that the Pope is "the beast" of Revelation 13:18. Evidently, it is a case of not letting thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth.

They also criticize us for corresponding with and receiving information from late elders of high standing in the denomination but who have now left this great apostasy.

I sought in vain for correct information from their present day elders, but they always evaded my questions and I gained no satisfaction. And so, who can blame us for seeking information from men who had ample opportunity to know and do know the facts, and who would not sear their conscience for a "mess of pottage "?

I shall now give a list of men who have held prominent positions in the denomination and who have stepped out of the great web of false deceptions of the Seventh Day Adventists. (An asterisk [*] denotes those who, like my husband, have been impressed with the duty of exposing their falseness.)



  • J. B. Cook - A pioneer who started with the Movement.
  • B. F. SNOOK - Once very prominent.
  • Moses HULL - One of the ablest speakers they ever had. SHORTRIDGE - A very talented minister.
  • HALL - Very prominent in the work.
  • STEVENSON - Very prominent in the work.
  • J. B. FRISBY - A most efficient preacher for years.
  • A. B. OGDEN - An editor and one of the main leaders.
  • D. B. OVIATT - Conference President for many years.
  • * J. F. BALLENGER - One of the SDA's best revivalists.
  • * A. F. BALLENGER - Superintendent of Ireland, and a prominent minister for 50 years.
  • * E. S. BALLENGER - Church School Superintendent, Secretary of Missionary Volunteers, Superintendent of Sabbath Schools, Member of Fernando School Board; Young People's Com., Sabbath School Com.; Pioneer of Paradise Valley Sanitarium, besides being a successful Evangelist, raising many churches, even asked to conduct tent efforts after having resigned.
  • * L. R. CONRADI - "Father of Europe."
  • * W. W. FLETCHER - Conference resident and Teacher.
  • HIRAM EDSON - Noted Pioneer.
  • S. W. RHODES - Noted Pioneer.
  • * A. T. JONES - Their most prominent historian and editor.
  • E. J. WAGGONER - Editor of the Review and Herald.
  • M. E. KELLOGG - Editor of Youth's Instructor and Associate Editor of Review and Herald.
  • JOHN KOLVOORD - Editor and Translator.
  • L. C. CRISLER - Conference President.
  • * W. A. COLCORD - Their most prominent writer.
  • * W. H. LITTLEJOHN - Great defender of the Dayline question, now opposes them on this same theory.
  • * D. M. CANRIGHT - One of the very highest and strongest of their teachers, being the best debter during the last fifteen years that he was with them; a great organizer and who held all the highest positions of the denomination including being one of a committee of three, for General Conference for many years.
  • * F. E. BELDEN - Most famous amongst them. It was through his resignation that Christ in Song was discontinued, for he withdrew his copyrights.
  • T. M. Premble, W. H. Brinkerhoff, C. B. Raynold, * H. C. Blanchard, T. J. Butler, L. L. Howard, H. F. Haynes, Nathan Fuller, * E. E. Franke, C. Ramrod, *J. C. Day, * H. W. Ball, *Goodenough, * Bunch, O. R. L. Crozier, M. B. Czechowski, H. F. Case, C. Ranmer, Philip Strong, Rosquist, Whitelaw, A. C. Russell, E. P. Daniels, R. S. Owen, *H. E. Carver, *J. W. Cassidy, *A. C. Long, *J. Brinkerhoff.


  • S. S. Brownsberger
  • A. Maclean
  • Vesey
  • C. C. Ramsay.


  • *Lee,
  • H. S. Ley
  • W. Russell
  • M. G. Kellogg
  • Sprague
  • Fairfield
  • Smith
  • J. H. Kellogg
  • C. Stewart.



This is by no means a full list but only some of the most prominent men.

As the SDA Conference is publishing books against the influence left behind by the late D. M. Canright, I feel it my duty to state some facts regarding this Christian man whom the SDA's abuse so bitterly.

This man had many of the highest positions in the denomination for many years, and when he started to find out their covered-up errors, he ceased to preach until he became more acquainted with the facts. During this time many of the leaders pleaded with him to come back, covering up and concealing the true facts from him. He then took up his preaching again and apologized for the stand he took against them. Such instances as this happened again and again, as he was charitably disposed towards his former brethren and overlooked his suspicions of their crookedness. He even complied with their wishes to publish a tract renouncing his suspicions.

But again, as he worked with them he witnessed churches disbanded through trouble caused by Elder White and his wife wherever they went. Their overbearing spirit of oppression, criticism, and distrust of fellow workers resulting in dissension caused him to resolve to sever his connection with them for good.

When he was contemplating this step, Mrs. White sent him a testimony urging him to take the presidency of a conference for another year, declaring that he was just the man for the position. Two weeks later when he had resigned, she sent him a long revelation denouncing him a child of the devil, one of the most wicked of men, although only two weeks before he was fit for a conference president!

The widespread bitterness against this man pointedly shows the hatred they have for one who has so successfully opposed them by his writings, disclosing to the world the effectual camouflage of well-established error.

One book he wrote in 1889 was entitled Seventh Day Adventism Renounced, in which he endeavored to use other churches' arguments to abolish the Sabbath. Seventh Day Adventists have always used this against D. M. Canright in an endeavor to convince their congregations that he was in the wrong all through. But they do not take up any other subjects that he exposed them in such as Mrs. White and her money-making testimonies.

In 1919 he wrote his last book, The Life of Mrs. E. G. White, exposing the facts about her visions and testimonies in a most striking manner. This book has never been answered by any publication from the SDA's, as it is unanswerable. It should be read by all SDA's and ANY WHO HAVE RELATIONS IN THE SDA CHURCH.

Knowing the widespread influence these books have had, the General Conference has again tried to check their influence by commissioning Elder W. H. Brandon to write a book answering Canright's book Seventh Day Adventism Renounced. This volume contains 319 pages entitled Reply to Canright, dated 1933. This brave elder deals with a book put out as far back as 1889, the book in which Canright has tried to abolish the Sabbath. But the great and powerful book The Life of Mrs. E. G. White, of 280 pages, written by Canright in 1919, is severely left alone. Why? Because the facts are unanswerable. That is why I say every one should read it.

However, returning to Elder Branson's book I may state that there are 18 chapters, twelve of which are solely devoted to Canright's attitude to the Sabbath, one chapter in dealing with the Sanctuary and Day of Atonement, and one to the work of Mrs. White. Such weakness! One chapter in defense of Mrs. White against the hundreds of pages written against her! No word is mentioned of the book Life of Mrs. E. G. White, by Canright. And what need was there for another book covering the questions of the Sabbath and nature of man, seeing a publication Answers to Objections put out just last year dealt so ably with them?

SEVERAL WEEKS BEFORE CANRIGHT DIED the report was circulated among the church members that he was dead and died without hope of eternal life.

When he did die several weeks later another report followed, that his last words were "I die a lost man." His daughter, in whose home he died emphatically denies these reports; in fact, his friends have urged her to take suit against the denomination for the things said against him, but her Christian charitableness forbade her.

He was always held in high esteem right up till his death by the Baptist Church which be joined, and four Baptist ministers officiated at his funeral.

I know that these reports were circulated and are still believed, for I distinctly remember a Bible teacher in one of the colleges I attended in America impressing on our youthful minds the terrible end of this man who dared to oppose the "Spirit of Prophecy."

Now I have the facts, for some friends of his who were also well acquainted with the daughter, wrote to my husband recently and speaking of Canright, said:

He died with a bright Christian hope. He made no death-bed recantation. And he wrote his last book from a sense of duty. He felt that he owed the facts it contained to the Christian world -- facts the Seventh Day Adventists' leaders had been trying to hide and suppress for so many years.

It was Mr. Canright's misfortune to break his leg a couple of years before his death. The SDA's advertised among themselves that this affliction was a judgment upon him from heaven. But the SDAs never say it was a similar judgment upon Mrs. E. G. White when she fell and broke her hip which failed to heal and resulted in her death. If one affliction was divine judgment, it follows that the other must have been also.

One only needs to read a copy of Mrs. E. G. White's Will, to understand why these deceptions are still practiced, for the full rights of such books as Great Controversy, Desire of Ages, Acts of the Apostles, Early Writings, The Testimonies, vol. 1-9, etc., were left to some of the present day leaders. And as her writings and testimonies were a money making proposition in the beginning, so they are to this day.

Some books such as The Coming King, Spiritual Gifts, vol. 1-4, etc., were left to another elder who has since fallen into disrepute with the result that such books have gone out of print. Therefore, we can see why these great changes (omitting errors) are in her books (if the errors can be omitted they can still sell them) like all the pages taken out of the Testimonies -- why, there is 100 pages taken out of vol. I; pages altered in Desire of Ages, Great Controversy, etc. All for the sake of the golden calf.

We are well aware that the leaders claim to be successful in their propaganda because they have a so-called "Spirit of Prophecy." But the Russelites started later and are now counted to be over a million followers. What about the Mormons, the Christian Scientists, and other sects? Nothing is surer of success than a religious cause which has a false prophet at its head. The Lord has warned his people on this point: I Kings 22:21,22. Of all the methods proposed by Satan this one has proved the most successful.

I have now since my resigning been a far happier woman than I was before. For two or three years previous to my resignation I did not enjoy a good experience spiritually. I had no sin in my life unconfessed that I knew of, yet, I felt separated from God, and that for some reason I was not pleasing the Lord. Since my resignation this burden of guilt has lifted and I am free once more. I am sure it was because I was shutting my eyes to truth, but it was truth so artfully covered up by the sophistries of men that I had been led to believe through them that it was error and not truth. There is always two sides to every question, the unbiased mind searches both sides for the truth.

God has given us all intelligence with which to search His Word and we should not trust to the pastors' interpretation of the Word altogether. Christ's promise is, "Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free." Yes, free from the bondage of self-righteousness and formality, free from human creeds and theoretical idealism.

When the Jews sought to condemn Christ, did not Nicodemus interpose with the question: "Doth our law judge any man before it hear him and know what he doeth?" And later, when the Jews sought to condemn Paul without a hearing, did not Festus object, saying : "It is not the manner of the Romans to deliver a man to die, before he which is accused have the accusers face to face and have the license to answer for himself concerning the crime laid against him."

Some have asked me if I thought my husband was doing the right thing in opposing the SDA's. I say "yes, he is doing right and a good missionary work by opposing them:" and for my reasons I give the following:

Pastor Spicer, once General Conference President, said that three quarters of all who leave the SDA denomination give up religion altogether. As there is 19,000 leaving the church out of every 20,000 who joins them then there is a large number giving up all religion.

SDA's boast of their being a missionary body -- but if the true facts are analyzed, we find it is not so. There are very, very few places they have gone to, as pioneer missionaries. Their converts are mostly taken out of already established missions and churches. If we just take the example shown by the following we see this carried out to the letter. I have just read in one of their missionary reports of the progress of a certain mission started in a well-established town of many churches. The pastor states that when he went there first, there were only fifteen members in his church, but, now, he says, he has forty-five, not his members, but those from other churches; coming along to hear the Message of SDA's. This is the same method used the world over.

After these Christian people join them, they gradually become entangled in the web of false doctrine and subtle deception, and, gradually the false doctrines of Mrs. White's inspiration is woven in, until they begin to feel that they dare not say anything against her, for fear they would be speaking against the Holy Spirit. Such is the spell the pastors have cast over them.

After a period of time, the more earnest seekers after truth gradually become acquainted with these errors and deceptions and finally leave with disgust, saying that, "if that is religion, then, they do not want any more of it," and so they give up altogether so well has Satan done his work.

Now these people who have joined them from other churches must have been Christians, or else they would not have been in any of the churches at all.

But now, seeing the falsity of what they, at first, believed to be "the truth" they go to the other extreme, that of giving up all religion, losing therewith, their hope -- the hope of all Christian people -- salvation.

How much better would it have been if they had remained in their former churches!

If SDA's were a body of people, although containing much error and deception, who went around helping the lost and fallen, giving them hope and comfort, pointing them to Christ, then, it would have been a different matter; but, I am sorry to say such is not the case.

And so, it is missionary work to prevent others from joining this organization, for it is saving a great percentage from being lost, from turning forever from Christ.

Now they abuse my husband for putting the facts before the people that they cannot deny. They endeavor to do their best to break his character down; anything to stop others from hearing him. This is their only defense.


Part one of the White Elephant of Seventh-Day-Adventism by Monica's husband, R. Vowless.

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