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Baker, Skip & Linda Dee
60 Mal Mae Ct. • Williamsburg, VA 23185 • 757-229-8536

We both worked at the Review & Herald Publishing Association back in the mid 1970s. Linda then worked for the head Lawyer at the General Conference when I was the photographer at the Review. In 1980 we took a call to work in California at the Adventist Media Center where I worked as the still photographer and Linda worked for the President of the Simi Valley Adventist Hospital.

By 1980 we had read Des Ford’s thousand page book on his defense for the Glacier View camp, and we could see the light that Adventism was rejecting the Holy Spirit’s call to truth, so along with others, we added our voice to the decent on the west coast. By 1984 we were untangled from Adventism and free in the face of the gospel., having lost our earthly possessions for the truth of that gospel.

It was amazing to see how many ministers were doing the same thing at the time. True men of the cloth lost everything including their retirement rather than to go against the gospel, while others who were pretend preachers stayed in for the money—truly they have their reward. It was the old ones who were so near retirement who lost so much. They were called in and forced to swear allegiance to Ellen White rather than to Jesus Christ—they were forced to make a decision for or against Christ that few ever are faced with in our times—or are we all faced with it everyday?

As one former pastor has stated here, he feels that if Christ Himself were to come down to try to correct Adventism his words would fall on deaf ears. I can’t help but feel the same way for no amount of argument can fight against the words of a false prophet that is firmly in control of her church from the grave. It’s an amazing thing to see.

Cales, Paul
Pastor, Colorado Conference Evangelist 1948-1950
Attended Emmanuel Missionary College, 1941-1945
Ordained in Loveland, CO at camp meeting, 1948
I was kicked out in 1969.

SDAs believe in and teach 'cunningly devised fables'. There is not a shred of evidence of the truth of the "Investigative Judgment". John 3:18 puts that to rest

I tried to go back to the fundamentals of SDAdventism, attended John Osborn’s 'campmeeting' in Santa Rosa twice. I was appalled at his 'ordaining' ministers, at the overt pursuit of "perfection" in this life, and the obvious lack of sincerity and interest in the truth-seeking individual. Those chaps were on a power trip, and they did, indeed, trip . . . flat on their faces.

It was at that meeting, as I meditated in the back row . . . yes, backslider’s row . . .  the Holy Spirit spoke to me and set me on the right track. Those who believe are not judged [John 3:18] Those who do not believe are already judged. There is no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus [Rom. 8]

We are not saved by doctrine; we are saved by the death of Jesus Christ who died for our sins. We will never be perfect in this life. The Holy Spirit does work in our lives in a wonderful way to mold us to His Will, but our righteousness is as filthy rags. Salvation is a free gift. There is nothing we can do to earn it. Don’t be a disciple of men. I’m not any kind of an "ite", a follower of men . . . I meet with believers when possible, but I am led by His Spirit, and it is wondrous indeed what understanding comes when one doesn’t try to figure it all out by himself.

Eichberger, Don
Southern Adventist University (BA Theology 1979)
Ordained Minister in the Alabama Mississippi Conference from 1979-1985
Resigned June 1985

I was Introduced and saved by the Gospel during my undergraduate degree at SMC, and was also exposed to the controversy surrounding Ellen White and the mass copying and plagiarism  in her writings.  It was during this time that several of the doctrines of Adventism (1844 Investigative Judgment, Ellen White’s Gift of prophecy, and more importantly……Salvation) were being challenged and questioned.  Dr. Jerry Gladson, former SDA Professor at SMC – Old Testament Studies, helped me immensely to understand and clarify the issues (he was later forced out).  I committed early on that my ministry would be devoted to teaching the Gospel using the historical-linguistical method of biblical interpretation rather than the proof-text method….,obviously this did not go over too well.  I also did not allow Ellen White to be quoted from the pulpit… also did not go over.  Needless to say, I was not about to be intimidated nor compromise my convictions, and it did not take long to realize I would not survive… (I was summoned on several occasions to be questioned by the conference president about what I was preaching/teaching, and my beliefs…Bill Wampler – nice guy, but no clue about the Gospel and the issues surrounding Ellen White).  I was transferred to another district, and subsequently made my plans to leave the Adventist ministry.

I left the ministry in 1985 to pursue a Master’s in Organizational/Industrial Psychology.  Upon completion of the Master’s degree I have worked in Human Resources for the past 25 years.  I remain solid in my Christian beliefs and am not currently a member of any denomination.

Kelly, Russell Earl

Pastor: Dakota Conference, 1976-79 and Carolina Conference, 1980-81
Education: Southern Missionary College, 1976 grad

Kuykendall, Rick

Position: I worked for the Ellen G. White Estate 1978-1980 I was the first seminary student ever hired by the White Estate.  I was assistant to the curator Hedy Jemison, and a research assistant.  I also worked for two years at the Loma Linda branch under Jim Nix who is now head of the White Estate. 

Education: B.A. Loma Linda University, 1977;  M.Div. Andrews University, Theological Seminary, 1980

I left the SDA ministry and the denomination  in 1988.

I was ordained in the United Church of Christ in 1988.

Currently (2006): I am Senior Minister of First Congregational Church (UCC) of Auburn, California.

Reasons for leaving: I was let go from Adventist ministry for joining the United Church of Christ.

Puciata, Walt
University attended: Andrews University 1983-1986
SDA Position held and Conference: Intern minister, Indiana Conference
Year of leaving Adventism: 1989

Reasons for leaving: In a nut shell, as I look back on it, I did not have the real "makings" of an SDA pastor, for I had not the heritage and upbringing that many of the successful ones do (of course, success is relative, in terms of spiritual progress, I guess).

I was raised in quite a dysfunctional and emotionally abusive home, but the way our minds are designed, in order to cope, much of what we suffer as children gets repressed and becomes unconscious. But at about the age of 30, as I was nearing graduation from seminary, the Lord had begun to reveal to me how what I experienced as a child had effected my self esteem and ability to enjoy healthy relationships. In order to function and have any sort of effective ministry at that point, I decided that it would be good to approach Scripture from my own need for healing and then bring from what I learned, insights for others who no doubt had had less than ideal experiences as children. 

Though some folk expressed appreciation for the things I was trying to minister to, this approach was not well received by most of the patriarchs, matriarchs and church administrators and I was eventually advised to take a leave of absence. However, before I did, I had injured my wrist roller skating with some church youth and a year or so later discovered that I had actually broken the navicular bone in my wrist and needed to have surgery. 

By then I had just begun to establish a painting contracting business and was doing all of the work myself. The Indiana Conference fought my Workers Compensation claim, the local church I was by then a part of, in California, wouldn’t intervene and I was forced to apply for welfare and food stamps.

I stopped going to church regularly and a friend from this local congregation came by to show me a local newspaper ad that was inviting all former and/ or grieving Adventists to a meeting where the Northern CA Conference president would answer questions. I went and stood up to explain what had happened to me and sat down to listen to his response. He said "Sometimes the church must make business decisions." While he was explaining this, a wave of urgency rushed over me to get up and walk out. I never again set foot in an Adventist church. I sometimes go to a non denominational church down the street. 

In 1992/93, I wrote a daily reflection manuscript which is still unpublished. It is entitled "Restoring the Years". It is of the Hazelton format, daily meditations/reflections for those whose biological family or origin traumas caused them to look for and become enmeshed in another spiritual  "family" that matched their parental experience. 

Slattery, Wallace D.

Author: Are Seventh-day Adventists False Prophets?

Employment: I worked for the cult as a church school principal from 1973 through 1983.

Testimony: Seventh-day Adventist from birth to age 43. I first became aware there were problems with Adventist teaching and history in the middle 1970’s. I finally contacted Walter Rea in August 1980; what he showed me shattered a lifetime of teachings. I slowly and carefully studied my way out of Adventism in 1983-84, taking my entire family with me. Can I help you in any way?

Taylor, Greg

Be sure to read Pastor Greg Taylor’s "An Open Letter to Our Friends and Family".

I was a pastor for the SDA church for over 20 years counting my Seminary sponsorship. We left Adventism purely over the New Covenant. We became convinced through the study of the New Testament scriptures, that the old covenant Sabbath is not required for post cross Christians.  We have a deep heart for the SDA church and pray that the message of the book of Galatians will truly be taken to heart. The blessings that come from such study are worth all the rejection that one might receive at the hands of those locked into the old covenant. 

We are currently serving in a church plant in Hagerstown MD. We are so blessed to be part of the greater Christian community and the revival/renewal movement that is sweeping through churches across denominational lines!

We are so glad that Christ has set us free to live by the spirit and not by the letter any more.                   

Vogt, Paul & Rhonda

Position: Pastor for the Indiana Conference 

Education: Attended: La Sierra University,  Pacific Union College, International Seminary, Andersonville Theological Seminary.

Reasons for leaving Adventism: I Left the SDA Church in 2000. According to the Holy Scriptures the SDA Church is NOT the remnant church of Bible prophecy.  E.G.W. was NOT inspired by God. The Sabbath is NOT the "seal" of God. Sunday keeping is NOT the "Mark of the beast." The doctrine of the Investigative Judgment is clearly the antithesis of the gospel. The "state of the dead" is NOT a "testing truth." If you hold to sola scriptura all of the above is obvious, but of course SDA’s have an extra biblical authority in E.G.W., such as the Mormons have with Joseph Smith and the Christian Scientists have with Mary Baker Eddy. 

I’ll close with this: If you believe in the Bible AND the "authority of the popes" and the "early church fathers," you will be Catholic. If you believe in the Bible AND the writings of Joseph Smith you would be a Mormon. If you believe in the Bible AND the writings of Mary Baker Eddy you would be a Christian Scientist. If you believe in the Bible AND the "inspired" writings of E.G.W. you would be an SDA. But If you believe in the Bible ALONE you will be a Christian!  Praise God Robert, keep up the good work!

I am Pastor of the Son Life Christian Center, El Cajon, California.

Willey, Wayne 

Pastor of SDA churches for about 25 years. Also Professor, Medical, etc.

Attended Andrews University - SDA Theological Seminary (1968-1969)

Left: I returned my ministerial credentials and withdrew my membership from the SDA denomination in June 1993.

Currently: I am Pastor of the  Seventh-day Christian Church, 1101 Bella Vista Road, Bentonville, AR 72712-4225.

I left the SDA Church in 1993 for the following reasons:

  1. Seventh-day Adventism is a legalistic, sub-Christian cult which ignores and minimizes the gospel of Jesus Christ in order to keep its members in the slavery of legalism.
  2. When I became a follower of Jesus Christ, Christ called me to be a minister of the gospel within the SDA denomination. I was a missionary to the Seventh-day Adventist cult for almost 25 years. Christ released me from that calling by closing all opportunities for me to continue any ministry (even a lay ministry) of the gospel within the SDA denomination.
  3. I believe that Seventh-day Adventism, like ancient Israel/Ephraim (Hosea 4:17), is so completely joined to its "idols" (legalism, Ellen White, etc) that even a personal appearance of Christ in human flesh to appeal for a spiritual/theological change would not be sufficient to transform Seventh-day Adventism into a Christ-centered denomination which makes the preaching of the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ its primary and central focus. 
  4. I believe that Seventh-day Adventism is a corrupt organization which inflicts mental, psychological and spiritual abuse upon its members.
  5. In the past nine and a half years, I have not had a single moment of regret over leaving the Seventh-day Adventist denomination.
  6. I continue my ministry of the gospel through personal evangelism and on the World Wide Web (the internet).

Willis, MD, C.D.

Dear Robert,  You can add me to your list of  ex-SDAs   I submit the following information.  

1. Born and raised a third generation SDA in New York City 

2. Graduate of  Bronx High School 

3. Baptized into SDA in Church in Denver, Colorado in l945.

4. Graduated from Atlantic Union College in l949 with a BA with Honors with a Major in Religion and minor in Chemistry.

5. After working at the New England Sanitarium in Melrose, Mass. I entered Medical School at Loma Linda, California and received my MD in l955.

I had married Shirley M. Clarke RN also raised an SDA and we married in l951. On our honeymoon in Washington, DC, our friend Fernand Fisel at the SDA Seminary informed us about the issue of the Shut Door and and we began to study.

After some four years we had learned enough to leave the SDA White Memorial Church while I was interning at Orange County Hospital. The White Memorial Church people refused to send a letter of transmittal to the Methodist Church we were attending. After that and my first year of Residency in Psychiatry I was called to active duty in the US Army and served in Germany for three years as a Captain with the 10th Mountain Division. 

We continued to study the issue of E. G. White’s validity as prophet and SDAism as a truth. With my return to my Psychiatry Residency which I completed in l962 I had enough hard evidence to conclude that Ellen G. White was a clinical case of Post Traumatic Temporal Lobe Epilepsy with some Hysteria.

From a theological perspective the l844 Sanctuary-Investigative Judgment Teaching is historically and scripturally absurd—A DELUSION. Nothing happened in l844 except Samuel Morse sent the first Telegram and the Explorer Tischendorf found the great 4th Century MSS of the Bible in the Saint Catherine Monastery in Egypt and my Grandmother, Dr. Mary A. F. Willis, was born in Trumansburg, New York.

The Millerite movement was a grotesque disaster. My dear wife Shirley Mae and I have raised five children—all law  abiding citizens. Thankfully they are all baptized believers without any toxic junk in their minds from the SDA CULT.  I have prepared the summarization of the  medical evidence past and present about EGW.

Anybody wanting a copy can get it by dropping me a note with your mailing address . My address is:

CD Willis, MD
PO Box 3118
Pinedale, California,93650

For the record I and my wife of 56 years NEVER regretted leaving the CULT. I was quite justifiably angry at the deception, while she was more relieved.

SDA Pastors leave the Church in Uganda

In 2003, One Flock Ministries got involved in a project in East Africa near Kampala in the country of Uganda.. To read more and see related photos click here. [offsite]

Okello Valentine
Bachelor of Theology
Former SDA District Leader Kikajjo, District of SDA

The journey out of the Adventist Church has taken me a good 3 years, but it culminated this year, 2003. I joined the SDA Church in 1983, and became a concervative Adventist, the hard core legalistic types as they come, who read the Voice of Prophecy books and regarded them almost at par with the Word of God.  

My turning point started when I started reading writers like Venden, Jack Sequira and the like who opened my minds to righteousness by faith.  This was in 1995 when I had been appointed as Associate District Pastor which took place in 1993.  I was later in 1995 appointed District Pastor, a position I held until 1998, when I left for Bugema SDA University, to peruse a Bachelor’s degree in Theology where I was recently suspended while remaining with only 18 credit hours to finish the course having struggled on my own to raise the fees for my studies, save for the 2 quarters when a well wisher paid part of it. The suspension was due to my gospel convictions as opposed to the teachings of E.G. White and my associations with Life Assurance Ministries.  

Well, with the influence of the Gospel being revealed to me, the tone of my sermons in evangelistic efforts began to change direction towards salvation by grace through faith. But what continued to disturb my conscious was the the fact that while my fellow evangelists and myself never at any one time mentioned the name of White nor her teachings by directly quoting from her writings, in our series, she was nevertheless a cardinal point as a testing truth, directly a condition for baptism come the time for administration of baptismal vows.  I continued to note this as sinister, tricky and clandestine.  

With my joining the university in 1998, I had the opportunity to be exposed to a fairly well stocked library and fairly well balanced professors and an opportunity to read the writings of Desmond Ford who opened my eyes further in the direction of the simple gospel of salvation.   

I now had the opportunity and the ability to examine the teachings of White in the light of the gospel and always found myself in a theological catastrophe and most of my professors supplied my curiosity and those who attempted only threw so many threats of denominational woes that would befall any who ventured along those lines of inquiry.  This made me very suspicious and sharpened my curiosity further so I continued to study myself out of the church as one brother once commented. Another reason that finally added to my leaving the SDA Church is the brutal unchristian nature in which they treated those who got problems with the ecclesiastical leaders. Their method is more vengeful than redemptive.  


Mukiibi Ivan Israel
Former District leader Kyetume, SDA District

Christopher Ddamulira
Bachelor of  Theology
Former Senior Pastor Kawempe SDA Church, Central Uganda Field of SDA