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cooperIt's All About Jesus: Observations of a Former Seventh-Day Adventist
by Edith Fairman Cooper

Edith was inspired to conduct objective historical research about the Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) church after a brief encounter with an SDA friend who said, “You know what they say about Adventists.” A brief conversation changed her life forever. Edith had worked a little over 30 years (at the time that she began her research for the book) at the Library of Congress in the Congressional Research Service (as an Analyst in Social Science) and conducted objective research for the U.S. Congress on social and behavioral science issues, including briefly, religion.  She used the same objective approach to reexamine the SDA church for her own knowledge. 

Edith is now retired from the LC after 35 years and just completed her book of 473 pages in 2007. The book is easy to read for the laymen and well documented.  This book presents her findings, some of her experiences as an active SDA member for over twenty-six years, and relates why she and her family left Adventism and now embrace mainstream Christianity.

kellyExposing Seventh-day Adventism
by Russell E. Kelly

Seventh-day Adventism entices members into it using trickery and half-truths. They tell the unenlightened public one thing and insiders yet another.

Dr. Kelly explains how he was tricked into joining. He then refutes the theological fiasco called the Investigative Judgment which created the sect. Much of the book looks at the Sabbath with fresh insight. The final part reveals the mysterious realms of Sheol and Hades in order to expose SDA error about the soul.

A former SDA pastor, Russell E. Kelly has served churches in Georgia, North Dakota and South Carolina. In 2000 he received a Ph. D. at Covington Theological Seminary in Ft. Oglethorpe, Georgia. Russ lives in Acworth, Georgia.

NewWWWhite-Washed—Uncovering the Myths of Ellen G. White by Sydney Cleveland, former Adventist pastor

236 pages. Highly Recommended!





sabbathSabbath in Christ
by Dale Ratzlaff, former Adventist pastor, 438 Pages,

Endorsed by many prominent Bible scholars. It is an excellent rebuttal 
to those still promoting Old Covenant Sabbath keeping.





culticCultic Doctrine of Seventh-day Adventists
by Dale Ratzlaff, former Adventist pastor, 378 Pages,

A thorough study of the Seventh-day Adventist unique teaching of the 1844 cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary and the investigative judgment.





item2Proclamation! (Free Journal)

Proclamation! is an outstanding journal dealing with Seventh-day Adventist issues and doctrines. It answers many doctrinal problems that are questioned by Adventists and the public.

It is published by Life Assurance Ministries. To receive this free journal, send your name and mailing address to Life Assurance Ministries.




EGWInspirationEllen G. White & Inspiration
by Maurice Barnett, 70 pages

This is a great book that covers EGW's claims for inspiration, doctrinal authority, health reform, contradictions, plagiarism, her second coming of Christ visions, and the shut door. This would be a wonderful book to give your SDA friends that are in bondage to Ellen White. 



ProphetessofHealthProphetess of Health
by Ronald L. Numbers

who is William Coleman Professor of the History of Science and Medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His wife Janet Numbers is chief psychologist in the department of psychiatry at the Dean Medical center in Madison, Wisconsin, and is the author of several psychological and historical studies. 

 "Prophetess of Health," outlines how Ellen received her health information from those that she was in contact with and from materials she read, and then copied it into her books. The University of Tennessee Press Knoxville, TN 37996-0325. ISBN 0-87049-7138               


TheWhiteLieThe White Lie
by Walter Rea, Adventist pastor

The White Lie, exposes Ellen's stealing habits of getting materials for her books from uninspired sources and not from God as she claimed. M&R Publications Box 2056, Turlock, CA 95381. ISBN-0-9607-424-1-7 




HeresiesofCatholocismHeresies of Catholicism...The Apostate Church,by John Schroeder

Is being applauded by the preachers for its in depth exposition of the Vatican's lies. Publisher is iUniverse; ISBN 0-595-27499-4.   





DeathandtheAfterLifeDeath and the Afterlife
by Dr. Robert A. Morey

Morey challenged SDA Leroy Froom's position on death and hell. Walter Martin gave high praise for this book. It gives a side of death and hell with a different understanding than that of Adventism. Recommended by Walter Martin. ISBN 0-7642-2686-X, 315 pages.

Order From Faith Defenders: This book is the most detailed work on the doctrine of the immortality of the soul and eternal conscious punishment. It also refutes the doctrines of soul sleep, conditionalism, occultism and universalism. Recommended by Walter Martin, Roger Nicole, and Gary Habermas.

Read free online: Scribd: Death and the Afterlife



revelationRevelation Four Views
by Steve Gregg

For understanding four major interpretations of Revelation, the very best I've found is Revelation Four Views a Parallel Commentary, 528 pages, ISBN 0-8407-2128-5.  

It lists the Preterist view, the Historicist view, the Futurist view, and the Spiritual view.